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Ambient Temp Test

Ambient Test:
Summary & Explanation

The ambient test was designed to see how long a KegCold can keep a KegCold. It was done in a controlled environment at 72 degrees. You can see when the test first began the keg was 42 degrees. After about an hour and a half the temperature was brought down into the 30s. In addition, you can see how we tested the beer temperature at certain times throughout the entire test. We also monitored how fast the ice would melt. The ambient test was a success as you can see for 24 hours the keg remained in the 30s.

This test was very important for our patent process.  In fact, KegCold is the only Keg Cooler in the market that actually lowers the original temperature of the beer and holds it. It is one of the many features we are very proud of.  Other keg cooling products only test to see how long it can hold the original temperature. 

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Ambient test Results
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