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Best Beer and Food Pairings

tasty beef burger with french fries and glass of beer
tasty beef burger with french fries and glass of beer

Beer is an amazing beverage on its own but when paired with a complementing food, it’s a powerful pair that can’t be beaten! Whether you’re craving a juicy burger or maybe you have a sweet tooth, there’s a beer that will enhance your foods. 

While beers are versatile and can be paired with a variety of different foods, there are a few guidelines that will help you bring out the best of both. These are only some of our favorite pairings but feel free to experiment with your pairings. You may just find an unusual combination that works! 

Best Beer For Pairing 

If you really care about perfectly pairing your beers with your foods, you need the best beer to enhance the flavors in your foods. We think the best beer comes from a keg and we’re not the only ones! Tap dispensed beers are kegged at the peak of their freshness and flavor.

A beer dispensed through a keg is the way the brewer wants you to enjoy the beer and keeping it cold is even better. KegCold will make that happen for you with our portable keg coolers that are affordable, portable, and extremely easy to set up. Once you have your keg set up to dispense your beer at the perfect temperature, you’re ready to start pairing!

Perfect Beer Pairings 

Light Lager 

Light lagers have a very low alcohol content and in general a very light flavor. You won’t get little to no hops flavor and aroma. These beers are also very low in malt flavor with a light and dry body.

Pairs Well With…

These light lagers are popular in America and they go great with American foods like burgers, salads, and spicy foods. The light and dry finish allow the flavors from burgers to really shine and it is a refreshing palate cleanser in between the rich and fatty bites. Since salads are so light, you need a light and refreshing lager to pair them with. 

Lagers won’t overwhelm the fresh and light flavors in your salads. Finally, spicy foods often have very intense and bold flavors, and washing that all down with something light and refreshing helps balance out those bold flavors. It will also tame the heat without changing the flavors in your food. 

Wheat Beers 

Wheat beers have a complex flavor and aroma and lighter body and color. These beers have around and mellow flavor with minimal bitterness. This beer style is often more carbonated and often has a thick foamy head when poured. The German versions tend to have more fruit and bread notes, while the American version tends to be a bit more hoppy. 

Pairs Well With… 

For those who want a more flavorful beer to pair with their spicy foods, wheat beers are light and refreshing but are often packed with more flavor. The sweet fruit notes and bright hops in this beer help balance the boldness of spicy foods. These fruit notes are also perfect when paired with fruity desserts. The hoppy note also pairs well with fruits. 

Amber Ale

Amber ales have caramel and crystal malts that offer a toasted, nutty, and toffee-like flavor. These also have fuller body American amber beers tend to have notes of citrus, fruit, and pine that balance out the sweetness of the malt. 

Pairs Well With… 

Amber ales are very versatile when it comes to pairing with most American foods. It’s best paired with grilled or barbecued meats, like smoked pork, ribs, and brisket. The sweet malty flavors and burst of citrus help brighten the rich smoky flavors of barbeque. It really balances out the richness of fried or fatty foods, like cheesy pizzas and french fries. 

India Pale Ales

IPAs are known for their bold and strong hoppy flavor. They are often very bitter compared to other beer styles. These beers tend to be heavier and have very high alcohol content. These beers tend to have a strong, bright, and floral aroma due to the heavy addition of hops. They often have citrus, floral, earthy, pine, or fruity notes. 

Pairs Well With… 

IPAs and their bitterness often pair well with steak, barbeque, and Mexican food. The bitter notes in the beer will balance the smokiness and richness of grilled meats and barbeque. The brighter citrus, floral, pine, and fruit notes pair so well with the spices in Mexican foods and the fresh components, like salsas. 

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