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Is KegCold reusable?
Yes, it was designed for multiple uses.

What is so special about the KegCold material?
KegCold has tremendous cooling capabilities. It is also light, durable, and made from 20% recycled material. KegCold is also mold and mildew resistant.

How many sizes of KegColds are there?
there are three sizes of KegCold. The half KegCold also converts into a quarter KegCold. The third size is the sixtel KegCold.

Does the CanCold just fit cans?
No, it adjusts to fit all cans and 12-ounce beer bottles.

Where can I purchase a KegCold?
Simply click on the online order page.

Are the KegCold products water tight?
No, there is some minor seepage after a few hours depending on the temperature. They are designed to be used outdoors but can be used indoors if you put a tray or container under it. 

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