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How To Use KegCold

KegCold instructions

Whether you’ve bought a keg for a party or brew your beer at home, if you want to serve draft beer on tap you’ll need to find a way to keep the keg cold.

Most homebrewers store their kegs in a kegerator which is basically a refrigerator that has been specially designed to dispense beer. However, kegerators are neither cheap nor easy to transport. Because of this, unless you plan to hold a party in your kitchen, you’ll need an economical and convenient way to keep your keg cold. 

KegCold checks off all the boxes for beer enthusiasts thanks to our portable keg coolers that are affordable, portable, and extremely easy to set up. In less than 10 minutes, the temperature of your keg will drop and your guests can quickly enjoy a nice cold one!

How To Set Up Your KegCold

KegCold instructions

Congratulations, you’re the proud, new owner of a KegCold, your saving grace for any backyard get-together, tailgate party, or major event. But, what now? Getting started is as easy as pouring your first ice-cold beer! But if you’ve already had a few to drink and having problems with our easy-to-use design, we’ll give you hand (virtually).

Step 1: Ice Ice Baby

Once you’ve opened that bad boy up, grab a bag of ice, and pour a thin layer at the bottom of the cooler. Don’t pour all of the ice, you’ll use the rest later on.

Thanks to the KegCold’s tremendous cooling capabilities, the ice will remain consistent for hours on end! The recycled material even allows mold and mildew resistance. Therefore, pulling all-nighters or multi-day events won’t cause a nasty smell or bacteria. 

Step 2: Fill’er Up!

Grab your keg and place it in the middle of the keg cooler. KegCold offers various sizes for whatever size you’re rocking. 

If you’re going big, the ½ & ¼ KegCold Coolers are the perfect fit for a standard half-size keg ( 23 3/ 8 “ H x 16 1/8” W ). This keg Cooler works as a “stand-alone” cooler as well and is ideal for a large number of bottles and cans.

For the standard size keg, the sixtel KegCold is the way to go. This size Kegcold is great for tailgates, boats, and RV camping For bottles and cans of water, beer, soda, etc. Because of the smaller size, they can fold up and utilize minimal storage space.

Step 3: More Ice!

Pour more ice around the keg until the ice is level with the top of the keg. This is where the magic happens.

With the ice snug around the keg and the cooler, the temperature of the keg will begin to drop! KegCold is the only Keg Cooler in the market that actually lowers the original temperature of the beer and holds it. It is one of the many features we are very proud of. Other keg cooling products only test to see how long they can hold the original temperature. 

Step 4 & 5: Put a Lid On It

  • First, place KegCold top over the keg. 
  • Then, push down the seal collar until it seats firmly over valve.

With these two steps, the insulation magic happens. Did we mention your beverages will remain cold for a long time? Like, 24 hours long? But our product isn’t only good at keeping beverages cold. KegCold is perfect for keeping fish chilled during a long day of fishing. 

Step 6: Repetition is Key

Every KegCold comes with an instructional collar. Once you get this far, place the instructional collar over the keg valve. Every time you refill your cup, you can take a glance at the instructions and study up for next time. Then, you’ll become a pro at setting up your KegCold for the next big event. 

Tap Fearlessly

Once your keg is tucked, nice and cozy, in your KegCold, you can tap the keg! Portability, reliability, durability, affordability, and convenience all in a beautiful package to keep the party going all day long! 

Goodbye to the days where you are hoping someone brings a cooler to the party or ice-cold beer instead of that warm keg that simply does not last as lost as you do. Keep your Keg Ice Cold with KegCold and keep the party going!

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