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Why KegCold?

Because nobody likes warm beer!Any store that sells beer advertises it as “ICE COLD BEER”.  They never advertise “room temperature beer”, “warm beer”, or tepid beer.“ICE COLD BEER” sounds better.  It makes you want to buy beer.

Have you ever been to a party, meeting, or any type of social gathering where the hosts had a keg of beer?  How did they keep it cold?  Like most people, they probably didn’t have enough room in their refrigerator, and they didn’t have commercial beer coolers or tap systems in their homes.  So, what did they do?  They found a tub deep enough to hold the keg and, assuming they had enough out-of-the-way space to put the tub, they then filled it with ice and hoped the ice didn’t melt too quickly…

Kegcold explained & demonstrated

Until it did.  Then they had a tub full of water that they hoped they could drain without it spilling all over the floor.  This exact scenario gets repeated every year at Super Bowl parties.  It also happens at countless outdoor venues.  At the concert.  On the boat.  At the picnic.  At your campsite.  To make matters worse, if it’s warm outside, the ice melts even faster and if you don’t have a readily available source for additional ice, you get…

WARM BEER! There had to be a solution that not only keeps the beer cold, but eliminates all these additional issues and thus, the inspiration for the KegCold cooler was born.  No more tubs!  No more spills!  NO MORE WARM BEER!  Just nice cold beer that you and all your guests can enjoy until the keg runs dry.

Where Kegcold?

Since the creation of Kegcold, we often thought about other applications for its use. We focused on international markets and needs. For example, destinations such as the Caribbean, Central America and South America are always short on refrigeration and the availability of ice. Warm-weather resorts and bars / restaurants would greatly benefit from Kegcold for two really good reasons, the first of which is keeping the beer selections very cold. If you have ever been to Central America, then you understand that “cold” is very difficult to find.  Secondly, Kegcold eliminates the need for bottles and cans, reducing waste and pollution. This is very important for the environment. 

Another excellent use for Kegcold would be for a very unfortunate situation, as an aid for disaster relief efforts. During relief efforts when there is no electricity, Kegcold would aid in the cooling of valuable food and beverages, and even medical supplies.

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The KEGCOLD family’s goal is to ensure that your Keg beer experience at your back-yard parties, BBQ’s, pool-side experiences are the absolute best they can be!

Who Needs Kegcold?

Our commercial clients who need KegCold started with the obvious – businesses that sell kegs. Liquor stores who sell kegs during the warm weather months would be able to offer Kegcold to every customer who buys a keg.

We have a discount program available for our wholesale customers so they can add to the gross sale/profit margin of their company. Most importantly, they will solve their clients’ problem of “How do I keep my KegCold?”

Caterers can also benefit greatly by using Kegcold. As the owner of a catering company for over 36 years, I wish KegCold had been available to me for all of my off-premises events. At the Catersource Convention in Miami in 2021, hundreds of caterers came to our booth and were amazed at the Kegcold product. The concept of keeping multiple kegs cold for 8 to 12 hours would be a godsend for an off-premise caterer. In fact, Kegcold was voted #7 out of all the new products presented at the show.

(See our video on our testimonials page.)

But it goes beyond keeping beer cold – because nobody likes warm water or warm soda either!

Another market of individuals who would benefit from using KegCold are the boaters, campers and tailgaters. Think about the benefits of Kegcold; it keeps things cold for a long time, it’s mold resistant and it’s foldable!  Imagine – you’re spending the day out on your boat.  You get to the dock, unfold your Kegcold, fill it with beer/soda/water, cover them with ice and you are ready to go.  You, your family & friends get to enjoy ice-cold beverages all day long…

But – what if you caught some fish?  Easy!  Throw them in the Kegcold! It still has ice in it!  At the end of the day, after you have consumed all your beverages, you put your fish in the KegCold and go back to the dock. (Or buy a second KegCold for the fish.) At the dock you empty your Kegcold(s) and fold them up for storage. Brilliant! For campers, space is always at a premium whether you are in an RV or in a tent. Using the same scenario as the boating trip, you’d unfold the KegCold for use and fold it up when you’re finished. No mold to clean the next time you use it too! For these reasons marinas, RV stores, camping stores and campgrounds would benefit from selling our Kegcold product.

The tailgater would be the star of the day when they use KegCold. Kegs, bottles, and cans would be cold for the pregame and they’d still be cold after the game for you and your guests to enjoy a post-victory beverage.

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