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Our Keg Cooler Products

1/2 & 1/4 Keg Coolers (2 in 1)

This size kegcold will hold a standard half size keg ( 23 3/ 8 “ H x 16 1/8” W ). This keg Cooler works as a “stand alone” cooler as well and is ideal for a large number of bottles and cans. I guess you could say this Cooler is actually a 3 in 1 cooler! Outside venues without access to other forms of refrigeration are ideal.

1/6th (Sixtel) Keg Coolers

Perfectly designed to fit sixtel and pony sized kegs from top to bottom.

CanCold Koozies (adjustable)

Never let your beer or soda go warm again regardless of the size. KegCold CanCold Koozies are great for those parties where a keg isn’t present, but lots of cans (and most bottles) are being used to quench your thirst. Cancold is our newest product. It is unique for keeping all sizes of cans and bottles ice cold. By utilizing our insulation design and our adjustable Velcro closure it fits any size can or bottle.

Instructions for use:

  1. Place a thin layer of ice on the bottom of your KEGCOLD.
  2. Place Keg in center of KEGCOLD.
  3. Place ice evenly around the keg until level with top of keg.
  4. Place KEGCOLD top over the keg.
  5. Push down seal collar until it seats firmly over valve.
  6. Place the instruction collar over keg valve.
  7. Tap the keg! Enjoy

Disclaimer: Not watertight, designed for outdoor use!

KegCold instructions

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Our Portable Keg Coolers

1/2 & 1/4 Keg Coolers (2 in 1)

Made to fit all half and quarter sized kegs perfectly from top to bottom.

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1/6th (Sixtel) Keg Coolers

Perfectly designed to fit sixtel & pony sized kegs from top to bottom.

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CanCold Coolers (cup size)

KegCold coozies that kept your beer ice cold for over 2 to 3 days.

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KegCold Features


Light weight

Environmentally friendly


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